This was one of the rare truly great thrillers that I have seen. As a result, this is one of the few Ryan Gosling performances that I genuinely like. When he was robbing the banks and yelling it was done so well that you could feel anger and worry at the same time. When he was pleading with Eva Mendes’ character to take the money it showed longing and want. These two aspects of his character helped add a lot of depth to the movie. The beginning of the film in which he was in was amazing. Then when Bradley Cooper took over, it was quite frankly not at the same level of acting. Bradley Cooper’s character aggravated me a lot (which I guess was the point). If they had cast differently for his part it could’ve elevated the movie’s status exponentially. He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t amazing like the rest of the cast was. On the other hand Dane Dehaan and Emery Cohen both gave amazing performances. I’ve never really liked Dane in any of his films that I have previously seen, but this film greatly changed my opinion of him. The plot’s beginning and ending were amazing, but the middle was so-so. I strongly feel that Cooper was not the right choice for his role and as a result he annoyed me for a lot of the movie. One of the only parts where he was extraordinary was when he was in his forest begging to know if his son was alive. It showed how Cooper could of acted the whole movie, but unfortunately he only acted like that for a brief part of it. The plot and the characters in general were amazing and the cinematography was beautiful. In particular, the shots at the beginning of the movie of Gosling’s character on the motorcycle in the circular cage were visually very appealing.


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